This video was made using Gameboy Camera time lapse and PSP Animation shop. The clip is of the motorway near my home.

Welcome to your guide for transfering Gameboy Camera artworks on to a PC, at home or work, for backup or further use.

I'm Gareth, a kind of student-engineer-techno-DJ/producer-heavy-metal-singer/songwriter-come-supermarket-assistant from England. I wrote this guide in Front Page Express as a favour to Dragan for his kindness and inspirational work as part of Bodenstandig 2000. Also I was bored over Christmas 2000 and it was much too cold and icy to go out.

You can e-mail me and I will be more than happy to answer your questions or play my secret blend of breakbeat hardcore at your raves and discotechs worldwide.

of interest to Gameboy Camera users.
Nintendo's offical Gameboy Camera guide has some really good ideas and tips in the shoot section
FAQs and codes for Gameboy Camera
Including details of the ultra classy limited edition 'Hello Kitty' Gameboy and back lit Gameboy - only available in Japan






....of course

Silver Gameboy Pocket
Gameboy Camera

Also has a really great DJ mode for noting music ideas anywhere.

The usual Gameboy Camera image
Exchange unit


Check out this site for comparisons of the different designs, try for sales. I use a Bung Gameboy Xchanger.

Bung Gameboy xchanger

... Mad Catz Camera Link

They also sell other cool Gameboy accessories. This link is supposed to be available in the high street - but I have never seen one.

Mad Catz camera link


The instructions below are based on the procedure with a Bung Xchanger, but can easily be adapted, where required, for other devices.





Create your art works using Gameboy camera.

This picture was taken using a mirror


Remove the camera from your Gameboy and insert into the xchanger. In the picture my camera is replace by a stunt double (Pokémon Pinball).

Inserting the cart


Ensure the xchanger is correctly connect to your computer parallel port and is supplied with power turned on or it won't work(sounds obvious but my power light is on whenever connected to my PC - even if the device is off).



On a GBCam cart there is a battery powered SRAM which stores your images and other data. Download this data using your xchanger's tools. I use the following line:

gbt16 -bsc camera.sav
My favourite Windows icon


This .sav file contains the contents of your GBCam's battery backed up RAM - including your art. The images can be extracted from the file by using a special Windows tool which you can get here. Sometimes this tool can be found on the net, or it may have been supplied with your xchanger.

Get the tool here!


The program is very easy to use and needs no additional explanation. Due to the way GBCam stores its images this tool may display the images in the wrong order - I don't know if this is corrected in later versions. Your art can be exported as .BMP files for futher fun.

The tool in use

The Mad Catz camera link works by connecting the Gameboy's link interface to the RS232 serial port of your PC. The supplied Window '98 software works in conjunction with the link options available on the camera meant for transfering your pictures to other Gameboy cameras.

Tip: Try doubling the size, increasing colour
depth to 16M and bluring in a paint package.

Happy photography!


December 2000