Animated GIF Model around the world

A small report on the Animated GIF Model:

Parts of this series have been spotted around the web on four places. This is a very good result!

  1. Filou's GIF-Welt shows all three GIFs in the category dance.
  2. The myspace profile of the GIF Show uses one of the GIFs as an avatar.
  3. Peter Baldes cutted one of the animations into stripes.
  4. The user doppeltes uses an altered version of the accordion GIF as an emoticon in the Russian branch of Livejournal. Баян (Bayan) is a Russian accordion with a chromatic button layout. Colloquially this word is used to express that something is already very well known. (But doppeltes made a small mistake, on the GIF Olia plays an accordion with a piano keyboard.) The image was hotlinked from the server Ten-Four, an internet design agency in Moscow.