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Dragan in the mass media

World Wide Web - in between Voodoo and Manipulation
I am especially delighted to appear in the "popular science show" Planetopia on the German private channel Sat.1, 2008-02-24.
Les hurluberlus d'électro-fun
arte Tracks, video in french oder german, script in french or german, 2006-11-09
8 Bit Movie
Dragan speaks and sings as a part of Bodenständig 2000 in this documetary by Marcin Ramocki.
Der pupsende Panda
Introduction of my Hupel Pupel mag in Stuttgart's lift
Musik für Mellionen
(German) interview in this entertaining radio show, MP3 files to listen to
GRAVITY at Transmediale
Sorta the same text as written by Michael Thomas, only in English. But still: maX1muM r35pectZ to the jury for their great taste!!
GRAVITY critique
By Michael Thomas from Graz
GRAVITY interview
A lot of wisdom about scrolling, space and midi.
YM Rockerz-Interview in ST-Computer
Dragan kicking fundamentalistix about home computer music due to a music disc release of Bodenstandig 2000 and the YM Rockerz. Read the facsimile!
Interview in Select Magazine
Together with being invited to the Version>2 festival a crazy interview was published in issue 3 of Select Magazine.
Die Anarchie aus der Kinderstube
Germanarticle in the switzerland Tagesanzeiger, about the micromusic event in Basilea, with quotes from Bodenstandig 2000. Too Bad that the putrid content management system of this paper doesn't allow links to articles. When will corporate turbo capitalist copyright fascist wankers finally learn that links are the foundation of the web?? Tagesanzeiger may read itself now. Despite all this, Dragan encourages his readership to follow the link and, on its other end, have a glance at the future of the web. (Content management system changed, article still lost.)
In this German book you can find some nice Gameboy photos Dragan made at the event in Erlangen, from page 106 on. They look really beautiful, but sadly there is nowhere written who made them, so Dragan will never be a famous Gameboy Photographer.
Im Buchstabenfeld
In this German book the Interview with Alvar and Dragan by Roberto Simanowski is printed. There was some exhibition with our work around it as well, but we do not know anything about it.
Bodenstandig 2000 interview -- Now you need a login to read it, boo!
with mainly Dragan at the {A em411 magazine/community. A}
Connect Everything With Everything
Finally an Englisch article about the {A Assoziations-Blaster! Many thanks to Tilman Baumgärtel!
interviu su drx
A short interview with Dragan, published in smegenušokis magazine in Lithuania. It was about music and milk, but what is it now?
8 Bit Nostalgia
Some musicians are asked about C64 sounds, published in Igloomag and surprisingly featuring an interview with Dragan. And also with my Beige dogz!
"Von der Leichtigkeit des Links und dem Kampf um seine Freiheit"
(The great easyness of the link and the fight for its freedom)
Roberto Simanowski interviews Dragan and Alvar in Dichtung Digital, a *~GERMAN~* magazine on electronic literature. Now Roberto changed his mind and the back issues of his mag are only available for paying customers. This is completely different from when we made this interview and neither Alvar nor i have been asked if we agree on this tactics. That's why there is now a copy of this interview.
Interview in "Fussnoten zur Literatur"
Timokl interviews Dragan and Alvar on electronic Literature and especially the Assoziations-Blaster. *~GERMAN~*
Article in TAZ
Coverage on Swine Fever in this *~GERMAN~* daily newspaper
Interview with Dragan
in Mikrosopht's enooze magazine
Spinnen im Netz
("Spiders/Freakin in the net")
Dragan and Alvar in jetzt!-Magazin of Süddeutschen Zeitung (which is, you might have guessed it, German language)
Bodenstandig 2000 interview
Going into details with Bernhard and Dragan in EAR. More press coverage concerning Bodenstandig 2000 can be found at the Bodenstandig 2000 Database.
Conversation about Web Design
between Simon V and Dragan the *~GERMAN~* ouk magazine.
The second conversation about Webdesign
again featuring Simon V and Dragan the *~GERMAN~* ouk magazine.

Dragan in the V.I.P lounge

This is the pass into the 6 wall cave at the Fraunhofer IAO CCVR
At the ZKM's
International Media Art Award 2001
roX0r with
Bodenstandig 2000 at the make world festival in Munich (scandal: my name is not written on the pass!!)
Featured artist at
ViPER festival 2001
Talking at the
Chaos Communication Congress (not being a "guest", another scandal, how to show off with this?)
Panelist at Visuelle Kompetenz at the State Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart
Rocking Le Confort Moderne in Poitier, during the
Bodenstandig Tour de France
Presentation at the VERSION>2 festival, by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago
Bodenstandig 2000 plays on the
AMJ boat at the swiss EXPO.02 national exhibition

All these images come from my Casio wristwatch.