More Pictures of Dragan

The popular science show Planetopia on the German national private channel Sat.1 summoned me as a Web-Designer to comment on my seven years old diploma work. In the background my dear colleague Mr Alvar Freude is about to do the same. 2008-02-24
Dragan on arte, video in french or german, 2006-11-09

Dragan as Home DJ. By Olia Lialina, October 2002
February 2001, Dragan in Chicago. Photo by Dwayne.

Easter Weekend 2001, Dragan at 4:30 AM in the tube to Heathrow, being sick. Photo by Bern.
Jean from
Teamtendo made this photo after the
Bodenstandig Tour de France.
At the Jardin du Luxembourg, photo by Olia Lialina, May 2002
Posing as, August 2004

17.09.2001, Breuninger Stuttgart: Dragan on his favorite carpet. Photo by Mario Doulis. There are also
Gameboy images of this thing.
Dragan in the year 2000, navigating through a database structure at the Fraunhofer IAO VR lab. (Please excuse this heavy image, but otherwise all the lines would have vanished.)

Portrait by paperrad (front and back), 2003
On the stage of the MCA Chicago, busting so called "phat rhymz" during a music event with Bodenstandig 2000 and the Beige Kru. In the background: Chip the inflateable robot, DJ Cougar Shuttle and Paul B Davis. Picture by Jared, 2003. (compare with portrait to the left)

As a SEGA-GJ, preparing a new show, April 2004
2005-11-11: Before a show of Bodenständig 2000 at Club Schocken, Pudel-Tour 2005. (Photo by JODI!)

2006-09-01: I find a beautiful porcini mushroom in the Redkino forest. (Photo by Olia Lialina)
Wearing a hardcore 1980s tracksuit, i present the trophies of the day: porcini mushrooms, birch poletes and chanterelles. (Photo by Jurij Espenschied)

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