Bodenstandig in Chicago

In February 2001 Bodenstandig 2000 was visiting their homies from Beige Records in Chicago. Together they pumped a wicked ass home computer rock show! And Bern and me learned a lot of american words which i try to apply here.

The plane was flying over Greenland.
Check out this cold rockin glacier!
This is the corridor you get to see first if you climb out a plane at O'Hare airport. It's basically huge and deserted.
Valueable hints for a joyful stay in the United States.
Logan Square was where we resided. *Repreazent!*
View from our hosts' front window. Please note these strange houses that look like made by Toys'R'Us. Now comes our friends ...
My dogg Dwayne on bass (in this case on gameboy) is about to ride the motherfuckin gravy train!
Teech, who puts in earplugs when she uses a hairdryer and plays all 2Unlimited tunes on grand piano.
Rudy Tardy, pumpin bits to the max
DJ Cougar Shuttle wants to see you pop it
Fan, can be used as heating when reverted
It was time for rehearsal, so we put some computers on the floor.
As the Americans use strange electricity and video formats, Bern had to solder an adaptor.
Speaking of electricity, the wiring in Chicago is just wicked. (Which cannot really be seen on this picture.)
So Dwayne had to fix the fuses several times.
Then we went to an Ice Hockey game. The stadium was huge and flickery, with animated banners.
The game (Black Hawks vs Flyers) was a bit lame, but singing the anthem and buying crappy beer was great.
Again time to rehearse.
We went to a big ass bowling place the other day. What you cannot see is that later there was a laser show going on and the DJ played Motley Crew CDs.
You cannot claim you've been in America if you haven't been at Starbucks, where you are served by bitmapped goons on Prozac. Starbucks is spreading like a disease and will be the next McDonald's.
Speaking of McDonald's, they have supersize fries there you cannot get in germany.
And you have to consume your stuff really fast.
Things in general are faster and larger.
For example shopping malls as big as whole Nordheim. I was dizzy after 30 minutes.
Or piles of snow. See Bernhard to compare the size. Usual Chicago snow is black by the way, but if i'd photographed a black one you wouldn't see Bern.
This is soap from the shop Weekend where you can get german electro records and soap.
These comfortable fire escape ladders are responsible for many a Hollywood movie's thrill enducing chases.
After rehearsaling (i was told you can just put together verbs like this) once more we played our show ...
... and got paid 80$ for five people! Can you imagine the feeling holding my first self earned US Dollars?
So much money!
Gotta rush off to get sum bling!
Or maybe start a dotcom business with it and advertize here. A hard decision in a land where everything is possible.
In the end we popped some hard lemonade and played Pong drunk.
Skyline from close to the lake ... Chicago, Bodenstandig misses you.
A last walk through Garfield Park and then we had to fly back to Krautland.

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