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Hans and Liz live in peace

Ursula von der Leyen-Fanclub


The two jolly ravers
A mindblowing comic in Shake Your Tree #3
Online Newspapers (New York Edition)
Public Art at Madison Square Park!


To all the ravers in the internet
A blog in German language, mainly for my students, where i am discussing issues of digital design. Very low update frequency, articles usually rather large.
The Circle Of Life
Inspired by Nasty Nets
a fresh animated GIF
6 illustrations about With Elements of Web 2.0
catalogue version of With Elements of Web 2.0 for Secession in Vienna

E-Commerce Tips und Tricks

Olia's and Dragan's Comparative History of Classic Animated GIFs and Glitter Graphics
An artistic summary of visual internet amateur culture from two exciting phases of its existance
Contemporary Home Computing
A webzine by Olia Lialina and me. Great wisdom, philosophy and irony and some specialized blogs as well.


Show us your gnomes
In a brave move i decided to show my gnomes in Tom Moody's blog.
21st century winter fashion
Round Corners
A nice picture made from Web Services
A wonderful piece of web bijouterie, co-production with Olia Lialina, commissioned by IGAC in Spain.
Request for removal
Google Groups suicide tool
Animated GIF Model
Olia became an immortal heroine of the Public Domain
With Elements of Web 2.0
Prints about new key figures and dimensions on the internet
Frozen Niki
This exceptionally beautiful blog is auto-generated from a frozen cosmonaut's brain waves.
Microtel Teletext
Teletext pages for the Dutch TV station NOS, organized by Lektrolab.


The years 2003 to 2005 are dominated by development and perfectioning of the New Eclectic Style together with Olia Lialina. It all started with Zombie & Mummy.

Hupel Pupel-Magazin
Lo-Tech comic magazine.
Raiders of the Lost ArtBase
hypereclectic design for this blog exhibition by! A quirksmode travel from outer space to the center of the earth.
A "KDE 4 Brainstorm" trying to strike the right balance between "Eyecandy" and "Simplicity"


Arcade Machine at Camp Gay
The masterpiece with the eternal fill patterns
Online Newspapers
How real online journalism would have looked in 1996. Co-produced with Olia Lialina.
1994 Strictly Rhythm released the album "Move it!" by Reel2Real featuring The Mad Stuntman. To celebrate this ten year jubilee now there is a great web page on which you can see the two girls printed on the record sleeve (Aileen and Baby) dancing as animated GIFs.


Bridging The Digital Divide
This HTML 4.01 Transitional masterpiece is part of the online exhibition Merry Christmas! Long live the quirksmode!
A scrolling space journey with MIDI rave music. It won the People's Choice at the Webby Awards 2004.
Zombie & Mummy
Online comic series, drawn on an old Palm Pilot and embedded into eclectic biotopes of web culture. Financed by the Dia Center New York.
A portal on racism among the youth, funded by several goverment agencies


Letter of the Cosmonaut
A touristic journey to the last star background reservoirs. Not updated anymore!!
Casio Gallery
WQV-1 photos, updated until 2005.
Battle of the Lofi Digi Cams
Gameboy Camera vs Casion WQV-1 vs Casio WQV-10!

The projects about hidden power, censorship and freedom of information on the internet (insert_coin, FreedomFone, shutdown and OmniCleaner) were done in co-operation with Alvar Freude and were thoroughly reviewed and contextualized in Lektionen in NetArt (German language). documents the legal troubles resulting from all this.

The insert_coin filter going commercial!
Part of the project Deplogged by, simulates the shutdown process of a Windows computer. This made many visitors of the Ars Electronica 2002 switch off running computers.


Uncensored internet access through the telefone!
awarded with "Internet Campaign of the Year" by Jahrbuch der Werbung
Hidden power structures in the most free medium. Awarded with the International Media Art Award by arte, SWR and ZKM.

The writeup on how to reproduce low resolution screen graphics in print belongs to the most important articles ever published online!

How to print low resolution screen graphics
This constantly updated guide explains how to correctly handle the dreaded "300 dpi problem".
A micromusic event on the make world festival.
Teletext Babez
A collection of beautiful teletext pages from German private TV channels
Worst Drum Machine
Awesome interactive online multimedia sound toy in only 5 kilobytes!!


The Eternal Fill Patterns
An introduction and outlook on the famous 16*16 pixel monochrome fill patterns known from early graphic software on bitmap-enabled systems
Digital drinks menu
An ATARI powered menu for the club "Depot" in Tübingen

My Boyfriend Came Back from the War 3D: I take the freedom to state that this is an underestimaned masterpiece of

My boyfriend came back from the war 3D
2000er-VRML-Remix of Olia Lialina's 1996 classic
The website for the IF-Award winning VR interface by Lowlevel Industries.
Swine Fever
Exclusive bookmarklet to check the quality of web sites
Hypertext backwards: It was just a small homepage, but some day it linked the whole internet! Discontinued.
VUK's adventure
Be Vuc Cosic and fight against the evil Flash Generator in this cool DHTML game! Already offline for a long time.


Interlace - der Film
Video for P.A.R.K. 4DTV with the eternal fill patterns
Entwürfe für ansprechende 404-Seiten
Finally reasonable web design ...


Rules for Bodenstandig Screen Design
Trying to save the computer as a medium.
The interactive text network with "automatic real time linking". Winner of the Award for internet literature 1999 BW.
In the meantime jodi found out about it ...


Gameboy Gallery
Photos from the Gameboy Camera that i carry with me most of the time; from 1997 until present day.
Selfmade Doodled Stories
For all kids on the planet, with cool English subtitles!


A new chapter of soundchip music is written with the foundation of the home computer duo Bodenständig 2000. The touring will continue untill the last ATARI on earth is wrecked on stage!

Bodenständig 2000
The uber famous home computer duo


Stunning screen saver for all TOS compatible computers