TwiLight - the Screensaver

TwiLight was developed from 1991 to 1997 by Alvar Freude, Peter Scheerer (design and code) and Dragan Espenschied (GUI-design, graphics and sound). The software works on any ATARI TOS compatible system: TOS itself, MagiC, MagiC Mac, MagiC PC, MultiTOS, Geneva, MultiGEM and whatever else there is around.

Up till 1997 TwiLight was sold by Application Systems Heidelberg to our full satisfaction.


The main dialog where screensaver modules could be selected. Notice the dialog switiching popup menu, today such a function is usually executed with tabs.
A dialog for setting up properties of a module. Please notice the progressive use of a slider that displays the set up value inside the sliding element.

These screenshots look so strange because i scanned them from the handbook. :) Now go and see some graphics and animations from the modules!


TwiLight's development has stopped and it is freeware now. Go and download, it's completely in German language however:

Get additional modules from Björn Spruck.


TwiLight's exceptional features have been:

Descriptions of Features of Version 2.0 not covered in the printed handbook are available as a HTML file, German language.