Graphics and Animations

All graphics ans animations have been made between 1991 and 1993 with Degas Elite and Cyberpaint II on an ATARI ST. No object has more than 16 colors, objects belonging together have the same 16 colors. Except for the explosion at the Five Mutants.

fly from the right to the left
North Sea 2000
2000 was far away back then
Penguin Party
Just boozin
Super Chillout
for nature lovers
The Insane Cook
lost command over his cooking tools.
Five Mutants
to blow up

These web pages can not really show how the modules behave because the presented objects are freely moveable sprites. There were also sound effects in some modules.

The behaviours were coded by Alvar Freude and Peter Scheerer. There are also modules without drawn graphics that are very sweet. Download all of this at the TwiLight main page.