E-Commerce Tips and Tricks

E-Commerce has developed into a very convenient way to shop for billions of people. However, it does not come without its downsides.

Let's look at a typical eBay® purchase:

I just bought a USB cable, but again there was no small box at hand to send it to me!

Most of the packge is filled with filling material. And it's not the beloved bubble wrap that is a joy to run over with your office chair. What we see here are huge balloons, sturdy things that are a pain to keep and a pain to throw away. The print says the are called "GELL-O XTRA" and that a patent is pending.

But, let me show you how to make receiving this filling material as great as receiving bubble wrap:

1. Isolate one line of balloons.

2. Carefully rip off one balloon, preferably one without the "GELL-O" print.

3. Twist the balloon at around one third of its length. You should not stop twisting until you created two separate chambers. Turn until the balloon doesn't flip back to its original state. Some balloons may burst, but that's exactly the thrill of it!

4. Draw a face on the smaller chamber. You created a cuddly figure to decorate your office or to give to your children!