Gameboy Gallery

Dragan and his Gameboy Camera, shot by Bernhard Kirsch

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All photos on these pages are shot with the Nintendo Gameboy Camera. If you are interested in loading images from your Gameboy Camera, check the howto page.

Picture quality: 128x112 pixels, 4 greys

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Behind the scenes of Bodenstandig 2000's performance at the Microdisko
The World of Dinosaurs (Мир Динозавров)
Dino exhibition in Moscow
The fat international art fair in Madrid
All important sights as of August 2002
The Bodenstandig 2000 Tour de France
Bodenstandig roX0ring in France!!
18C3 and Roschberg
Dragan's adventurous journey during new year's time 2002
The Most Beautiful Carpet
in Breuninger department store, Stuttgart
MechBern's Nano Surf Scooter
Unpublished Pictures
now to be seen in smegenušokis magazine
Bodenstandig in Chicago
visting our homies from Beige Records
They are the human's best friends.
Active Link
Nice pictures of the speakers at this nice conference
the great video game party
Camille Pissarro
at the State Gallery
vs Gameboy Camera
Bodenstandig 2000 on Tour
Pictures as bodenstandig as us
Vuk Cosic
visits the Merz Akademie
The stupid exibition at ZKM
Important people
Every serious Photographer does Architecture
My Dog
who's name is Gustav
At home
Dragan's favourite things
Letters and Signs
on 128x112 pixels
Still too good to delete


Article about the Cam in Ronald Review
Authentic zine from 1998
Nullsleep's Gameboy Journal
At Festivals, in Montreal and in the zoo
Color Gameboy Pictures!!
Complicated, but it works!!
Thomas' Gallery
with beautiful short movies and loops
Johan Kotlinski's gallery
beautiful images of Öland
h0l in London
Finally all sights in 128x112 pixels!
The World of Black and White
The Gameboy Cam taken to its limits
4 Shades Of Grey
Dragan recommends this beautiful Gameboy gallery
Cool pictures
my dear mate Timokl made with his Gameboy Camera
Very trashy Gameboy Gallery
ENC7 Gameboy Camera
Some very beautiful pictures
a Gameboy Camera movie by Cactuspudding