18C3 and Roschberg

On 28.12.2001 Dragan and Alvar presented their project insert_coin on the 18C3 congress by the Chaos Computer Club in Berlin. After that Dragan went to his friends in Roschberg.

From Nordheim to Berlin, weather still OK
The upper level of the Hackcenter, filled up with computer kidz
The bottom level of the Hackcenter, slightly better air quality
A projection shows the net traffic
This red glowing hose is responsible for post-christmas atmosphere.
This glowing switch is responsible for lots of traffic.
Today's hackers live healthy!!
Lots of power plugs and cables
Of course there has to be a C64.
The laboratory is the place to develop lego robots.
Classic lock picking is also cultivated.
These posters teach how to do it.
An old beautiful Siemens computer
Hands off the merchandize!!
Blinkenlight sculpture made from light bulbs
Hoodie H4X0rz!!
"We know about the problem, the answer is *no*!" - classic system administrator humor.
Modified logo of the former enemy
Live-Stream from Blinkenlights
Funny window to the Cafeteria and the Art&Beauty area
The next day, on the way to the railway station, Dragan blinks at Berlin Boomtown.
Small part of the fat ass Sony Center
The train is stuck in Idar Oberstein because of heavy snow fall, in the middle of the night!! Electricity in surrounding villages has broken down.
Dragan is forced to stay in Idar Oberstein for one night. The next day he looks around town a bit. This is the gothic church, viewed from the old town center.
The old town center, viewed from the gothic church. Sadly the church itself was closed.
Trains and electricity work again and Dragan finally arrives in Roschberg. (Through Baltersweiler.)
Walk through the snow
There is so much and so white snow, that the Gameboy Camera makes everything else black, including the bright sky.
In snow with Urak the dog.

There are also some Casio pictures of half-timbered houses in Idar Oberstein.