Letters and Signs

To capture letters and signs with the Gameboy Camera is always a challenge. You can find some of these pictures in other galleries of Dragan.

Written on a plane by Ryan Air.
This London Chinatown toilet is now unisex!!
Bo Selecta!! Sweet vending machines, common in Austria and Switzerland.
"What for do i need art, i have Ibiza" – sticker at a Stuttgart train station
A broken electric sign showing depart times of VVS trains
Nowadays people never know if they are pregnant.
"7 Electro DJs" are announced for the micromusic festival on this beautifully drawn english chalkboard sign.
Suifan's Brush Lotion kicks Viagra's metaphorical ass as it is directly applied. London Chinatown.
Swallow your food quickly at McDonald's in Chicago.
Instructions on how to use the escalators in Chicago.
Welcome sign to the exhibition net_condition at ZKM.