The World of Dinosaurs (Мир Динозавров)

In 2004, at the Moscow Museum for Earth History and Geology, happened a great exhibition with huge animated reconstructions of the most important dinosaurs.

Right in the entrance room, which is so to say under water, swims a plotosaurus!
In general this room was made very nice: All walls were painted blue and covered with a lot of plastic foil. A chandelier that was also wrapped in foil became a giant prehistoric jellyfish!!
Oh my god, behind a corner a giganotosaurus is lurking!!
And through the wall comes a tyrannosaurus rex!!
This acrocanthosaurus just wants to catch a brontosaur baby!!
From the gallery there is a better view on this dramatic scene.
Only some meters away it is much more peaceful: Brontosaurs are searching for food.
But they are so huge that ...
... it is impossible to put them in their whole on one photo.
Before the steps to the second floor swims a kronosaur.
A cool dino film was shown in the mezzanine.
Nescafé is omnipresent in Moscow, also in the world of dinosaurs.
The next floor was decorated as a mysterious jungle landscape. Some iguanodon live there.
The moody lighting really gives you the feeling of being in the jurassic!
Sadly this stegosaur was already the last dino in this exhibition.
This disillusioning cross-section through a robo-dino explains how everything was made, right behind the exit under bright museum lights.

That was a really nice day. Maybe you want to see what i made in Moscow in 2002?