The cute and a bit scorched doggy named Bacon
French bird (image by Sof Aleinikova)
Seagulls at the harbour in Hamburg
Cool striped fish at the Wilhelma
Infrared sensitive fish
Fat perch
Big ass fish!!
Cute australian tree rat
Ultra-gross giant cockroaches!! HUALP!
A duck at the zoological gardens of Karlsruhe
These horses pull a Stuttgarter Hofbräu wagon to the Cannstatt fair
Michael Vögeli's robotic dog
A big frog made of plastic at a Rainforest Café in Chicago.
A *real* fish from the exotic aquarium at the same Rainforest Café which is not really modestly decorated.
A giraffe in the Saarbrücken Zoo
A cow in Nordheim. It's at the countryside.
An iguana being cool
A snow owl, perfect for gameboy photography
A horse from the same street where Dragan lives
Nandu bird