A XOver pic of my homie nullsleep in NYC!
Awesome: King Rocko Schamone endorses the new EP of Bodenständig 2000!
Vika, producer of РАДАР, the radio show about the internet on the oldest state station in Russia (and Tolkien expert)
Charming filmmaker Pip Chodorov (re:voir)
A Teletubby running around freely in Madrid
Olia Lialina in Moscow
Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation. Please note that this is the first image in PNG format on my site.
Alexei Shulgin and Olga Goriunova, makers of the
read_me festival
Pit Schulz, one of the men behind mikro e.V. or klubradio
Padeluun always thought that sitting in front of a computer is art. Today he is organizing the
BigBrother Awards.
Nervous Steven makes beautiful illustrations and events in London.
Sean Kelly is Chicago's #1 video game collector. He also helps organizing the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas.
This is super media artist Cory Arcangel from Beige Records. He didn't make it into the
Chicago gallery coz he wasn't around when
Bodenstandig 2000 went there. So this is him in Munich.
An image of musician and programmer
Paul B Davis can already be found in the Chicago context, but he simply looks too hot on this shot to leave this picture unpublished.
Lektrogirl and Mollywood sleeping in the train between two stops on the "International Gang Girl Riot" DJ tour 2002.
The original MAZ of
maz-sound, where k3wL people download the latest sound trackers!!
Rolemodel, popstar musician and programmer, in London
Ryg (back) und Gizmo (front) of
Farbrausch: nu sk00l computer kidz
Herbert W. Franke, old sk00l computer kid
Dr. Reinhold Grether
Hans Extrem of
Wanga, head of graphics department at micromusic, plays Gameboy in Linz.
Bernd Schumacher, star of the trashy local TV station
CmdrTaco, founder of slashdot
Anne Laplantine alias Michiko Kusaki!
The DMX Krew!
The german county singer Vanessa, photographed at the Chicago Brauhaus.
micromusic's chief language designer
carl, superstar sysop of micromusic
Cylob ... sorry for that picture, i hope i can make a better one soon.
Andreas Simon, the well known scientist
Bernhard Kirsch, my partner in Bodenstandig 2000
eisEbs, the little boy next door
One eye of accredited stonemason and industrial designer
Mario Doulis.
Timo K aus L
Uprising young Drum&Bass producer Simon V
This ATARI Shirt should make you really jealous!
Katrin Katarakt from the Berlin Band "Milch".
Armin from the Berlin Band "Milch".
Professor Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák from Hungary ...
... and his mate
Marton Fernezelyi.

Please also take a look at the Vuc Cosic pictures. In Chicago Dragan photographed the people from Beige Records.