Because of the Araneum award drx and olialia went to Madrid in February of 2004. We also looked at the fat international art fair ARCO.

This artificial cloud was standing on poles in front of the fair halls. When somebody steps under it, it starts lightning, thunder and rain.
An "electric chair" (so to say) made from neon tubes
A really really big circuit board
A flickering calculation; neon seemed to be quite "in" (as young people would say).
This funny video projection onto a big donut caused laughter and joy.
Probably the artist was seeking to digest his catholic youth with this holey Madonna statue.
A web of small wooden sticks.
In our hotel, self-stated biggest of Europe, this chandelier was hanging and crying cold tears.
In Madrid itself we fould this merry sugar coated house, ...
... a Teletubby ...
... and these beautiful sphere-shaped trees.