Zockdeluxe was a Video Game party taking place at Bochum, 30.04.2000 and 01.05.2000, curated by rampe17. Dragan and his mate Bernhard visited this event with the gameboy camera and we both think it was one of the best parties ever held. You can find some details concerning the machines at the Atari Historical Society. Gamereset holds infos on vintage home video games and long forgotten oddities.

The Marble Madness arcade machine was the key reason for us to visit Bochum.
The friendly people of rampe17 welcome us at the entrance.
bio and drx inside the Marble Madness arcade machine ...
... and in reality.
The wonderful artwork on the Asteroids arcade machine.
Bern plays Asteroids and is completely blasted by the unbelieveable plasma shots.
Centipede was also there.
The collector JEK brought a great amout of vintage video games for everyone to play!
Amongst them: the legendary Vectrex. The only vector screen for common people.
And now it's *MINE*!!! (including Minesweeper and Armor Attack)
Again, great artwork on the Xevious arcade mchine.
A scene from the game itself ...
The raging Band Reaktor from Saarbrücken played great dance tunes.
On this picture they are still playing, but it was quite dark in there ...