The Bodenstandig 2000 Tour de France

In January 2002 Bodenstandig 2000, Teamtendo and the Zoobizarre DJ Team roX0red the whole country of France!! This pictures allow you to join the tour in a virtual multimedia way.

The first thing for the highly talented two members of Bodenstandig 2000, MechBern and drx, was to go from Saarbrucken to Paris ....
.... and from there on to Bordeaux with the TGV. It is not like France was suffering a shortage on these Y2K stylee trains!!
On January 24th Le Zoobizarre in the beautiful town of Bordeaux faced some massive home computer rock&rolling!!
That kitsch party took place somewhere else!!
Our tour manager Alex was a nutrition specialist in his earlier life and took care of everything.
For example check out this massive "savoir vivre" stylee catering!!
Dimitri recorded everything on video.
Again Dimitri with his endoscopic camera.
Greg, the beaver in Teamtendo, Punk Roque Gameboyeaux!!
Jean, the bear in Teamtendo, playing "Kirby's Dream Land" in the tour bus.
Pop expert Christophe was showing his finest slides.
DJ Kurt Russel ....
.... and DJ Monte Christo from the Zoobizarre DJ team, both competent and talented.
On January 25th everybody was going to Poitiers to bring the hippies at Le Confort Moderne the evangelium of home computer rock!!
This Confort Moderne is a nice place ....
.... everything round and colorful and very french.
And everywhere we had friendly and professional sound engineers. A plane could land on this mixing desk.
The legendary Le Batofar in Paris. The club is located on an old warship that barely escaped being sunk by massive home computer rocking!!
There is even a lighthouse on that boat, very sweet.
Dimitri posing inside the ship.
A view from the ship's deck to the city of Paris ....
.... and the distant shore, ain't that romantic??
This is an alibi photo of the Bodenstandig stage setup, coz during the show there was no moment to take a picture.
In general there was few time for easy tourism. Still MechBern risks a glare through these Vortex Goggles™.
This is a drone sculpture from old lamps and syringes at the Squad House.
But everybody liked these cute fish the best. They are melted together from petrol cans and other plastic crap ....
.... and even can serve as lamps!!
Inside the Centre Pompidou everything was closed already. There were discussions if this strange queuing-up labyrinth was art or not.
Just around the corner was the so called "Internet", maybe you have heard of this mystic thing before. In Paris people are whispering about the "information revolution" already!!
This is MechBern backstage, surrounded by drawings of penisses numerous metal and reggae bands did. What a pity they are not visible on this picture.
Jean made this photo of drx in the morning after the Batofar show.

Greg from Teamtendo, or rather somebody he gave his digital camera to, made some hot pictures from the Batofar show, check them out!! Additionally some more photos were found on Dimitri's digicam.

So, many thanks to our friends from Bordeaux for getting this thing going, all ravers for coming to the shows and also to Andreas who was so nice to host us for an additional day in Paris. Peace!!