These pictures are too nice to delete.

A four meters long inflatable pig, Moscow!
One vending machine for snacks and one for drinks at the Automatenbar in Berlin.
A beautiful january day in the harbour of Hamburg
Anne Laplantine teached drx how to play Go.
Bars in Hamburg have to pay extra fees for using chairs, so the Kochsalon invented these surrogate stools or whatever.
Astronaut made of tiles, at a London Underground station.
Prototype of drYM, developed by gwem. I was able to play "Blue Monday" on it already!!
A hanging grand piano at Tate Modern in London. Under it a sign saying that this piano is out of order.
This mansized sphere is meant to make me go to Switzerland
Cool cactus!!
Chandelier in a coffeehouse in Vienna.
Disco ball at the B-TV studios. Dragan is mirrored.
This Stuttgart kid is showing off with his Gameboy Camera in front of some girls.
Chairs at the Colani exhibition in Saarbrücken
Some cables at the Fraunhofer IAO
Sculpture from bread crumbs and sesame seed by Adreas Simon (see alse Berühmte celebrities)
Porcellain cats in London's Chinatown. They also have all kinds of Hello Kitty and Pokémon stuff.
The waiting room of Domizil in Zürich, with glowing cloud
The English put anything between two slices of bread. Here the classic chips sandwich with french fries. Yummy!
The White Block from micromusic
A real Lensflare!
Man, this is some phat ass Lensflare!!!
You seldomly get pictures this clear from a Gameboy Camera. Shot in Saarbrücken's w+b-m.
Empty grocery boxes
The MiniMAL supermarket's mascot
My brother's fan
A molecule made from styrofoam
My extra funky Power-Rangers T-Shirt
A salt shaker
This is the most ugly car sticker of all time!
The shadows of Timokl and Dragan
A hole in the floor with black/yellow stripes around it