Bodenstandig 2000 on Tour

The first tour of Bodenstandig 2000 (20th till 24th october 1999) made my mate Bernhard Kirsch an myself travel to Saarbrücken (w+b-m), Berlin (Maria am Ostbahnhof) and Hamburg (Golden Pudel Club). You can listen to our performance in the Golden Pudel at Betalounge.

The Saarbrücken Flyer says we are hard rocking scientists.
Bernhard puts all home computers into boxes.
We transported cables in ATARI plastic bags.
The home computers set up in the w+b-m.
Bernhard (in the front) shows Anne Laplantine (hinten), how to play Marble Madness.
The audience is waiting ...
The flyer for Berlin and Hamburg also says we are hard rocking scientists.
This is a legendary schizophrenic german oil tank we saw on the autobahn.
The stage was not very large in Hamburg, but there where no gaps in the floor where stuff would fall into like in Berlin.
Bernhard records something with his funny USB webcam.

You can find some pictures with maybe better recognizeable content at the official website of Bodenstandig 2000.