Digital Drinks Menu

Since 2000 the club Depot in Tübingen (with no webpage) features a cool Digital Drinks Menu. Dragan programmed it after beeing asked by Johannes Brückmann and Jürgen Eberhardt, the two people that run the Depot. There is an article on the Depot's 4th aniversary in the ouk magazine (German language).

You can watch the prices for drinks in pixely letters showing up with a blinking cursor on three large TV screens. They are connected with ATARI ST computers. TVs and ATARIs have been put into selfmade tin boxes.

Inside the Depot it looks like this.
The monitor above the bar.
One of the screens showing prices for juices
Averna 5,00 Deutschmarks
A security advice concering too loud music
"DEPOT Hardcore Style" in ASCII graphics
Have you played Atari today?™
The third screen to the right of the bar
Developed and compiled with GFA-Basic 3.0

The software called Ticker is written in GFA-Basic. The most challenging task was to put the Euro symbol into the system font and to make everything start automatically when power is switched on (Zero Administration).

The displayed texts and colors (8 bodenstandig combinations are built in) are controlled with a text file. You may want to read the manual (German language).