microtel Teletext

For the microtel project (Big up Lektrolab!!) i used my once in a lifetime chance to create teletext (also known as Ceephax) pages for the Netherland TV staion NOS. They were broadcasted between 2006-01-26 and 2006-02-05.

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Interactive TV

Series "The Four Horsemen"

Demo Scape

Portrait of Olia Lialina

Transmission technology and data format have a strong influence on teletext motives and picture composition. To change between text, graphics and different foreground and background colors, control characters are used. These characters are not neccessarily invisible and always take the space of one letter, so arbitrary colors and pixels aren't possible on all places of the screen. This screen shot shows the the Freudenstadt image in the Cebra teletext editor with control characters visible.