Electronic beats on live drums

The drum teaching book e-Beats am Drumset by the cool German Drummer Oli Rubow is now available! He explains how drummers can make sense of electronic music and play all these styles live. In my opinion this is the way to go.

This is why i was delighted when Oli asked me to compose an example for the style home computer music, also known as "chiptunes" or "micromusic". It should contain the typical rhythmic elements of music produced with a soundchip.

I wrote "monopackung" on my Atari 1040 STE with the built-in YM2149 soundchip, using only one channel. All the elements of the composition have to share this one channel, so no two "instruments" can play at the same time; instead one rhythm result from gaps in another rhythm which is based on gaps fron yet another and so on. This is how the merry syncopes come from that we love so much! RAVERS!!

During the production of the CD that comes with the book, exactly my track was cut off. "Technical reasons", it was supposed to be track 99. Hopefully there will be a second edition with everything in place.