Design Studies

  1. This error message goes through a gap.
  2. Some letters shiver in fear because they could not find the file and will be punished.
  3. This is a page with tables that looks funny and responds to your browser's window size.
  4. Recycled glitter pixels are the stars of this disco design.
  5. An incredibly realistic but memory saving zoom effect in your face.
  6. This is a tautological variant without the picture, but it loads fast (and Netscape 4 screws it).
  7. This is very blinky.
  8. A merry scroll line flies through a red tiled bathroom.
  9. There's another scroll line with a self made font.
  10. Game Over! (Have you pressed 3 and 1 in reflex?)
  11. Very sensitive design with lots of Frames. It's even interactive as you can move the frame borders.